Giacalone Design Services, Inc is the leader in the industry in providing comprehensive Joint Trench Consulting services. It is the goal of Giacalone Design Services, Inc to provide our customers the much needed assistance to navigate through the complex and often confusing utility engineering process. We provide our customers a team of experts whose goal is to help bring our customers project to a successful completion in a timely and efficient manner by providing the following services:

  • Feasibility Studies (Preliminary planning & Consulting)
  • Value Engineering
  • Application for Service process
  • Preliminary Investigation
  • Coordination with utility company staff (gas, electric, telephone & CATV)
  • Preliminary Intent Design & Form ‘A’
  • Coordination with “project team” members and city/county staff
  • Composite Plan working drawings & Form ‘B’
  • Bid Documents and material summaries
  • Pre-Construction Meeting
  • PG&E gas & electric “applicant design” (Rule 15 & 16)
  • PG&E gas & electric “applicant design” (Rule 20b & 20c) if associated with a new business project
  • Rule 20a facility undergrounding districts (does not qualify for “applicant design”; PG&E design only)
  • Streetlight layout & circuit design
  • Parking lot lighting layout & circuit design
  • Pathway lighting layout & circuit design
  • Photometric studies
  • PG&E Contract review & analysis