Construction Coordination

Giacalone Design Services, Inc. is proud to offer a new service to our valued clients. Construction Coordination Services is the genesis of many years of working in the building construction industry, providing quality dry utility design and consulting services and recognizing that Post-Utility Design phase of a project, there are many logistic hurdles that must be cleared with the utility, up until a final meter is set. Construction Administrative Services incorporates the use of qualified Giacalone Design Services Project Managers to assist in the coordination of “tie-in” for gas and electric facilities and or resolve construction “in-flight” dry utility installation conflicts.

  • Established positive working relationship with the utility Leadership.
  • Full engagement with the utility Project Management Team through to final meter set.
  • Partner with the utility to advocate for customer requested “tie-In” schedule.
  • In-depth knowledge of the utility resource scheduling and applicant install inspection process.
  • Well versed in Gas & Electric Service Requirements and Gas & Electric Construction Standards.
  • On site advisor for pre-construction meetings and gas & electric facility installation inspection process.