Serina Ponce, Project Manager


Serina grew up in South San Jose where she currently resides with her family. She graduated from Piedmont Hills High School a year early and soon after started work for airport security as an Operations Manager. In 2003, Serina began working at PG&E in the call center and then moved up through the ranks, first as a Business Customer Service Rep in San Francisco followed by a position in San Jose as a Business Customer Field Rep and then in her last 7 years with PG&E as a Service Planning Representative. In addition to her normal duties at PG&E, she also served on several applicant design improvement teams helping to pioneer the recent changes in the applicant design industry that we see today. Serina joined the Giacalone Design Project Management team in August of 2016. Her extensive knowledge of the applicant design industry, as well as her knowledge of PG&E rules, tariffs and processes and her ability to multi task, handle large workloads and deliver great customer service is a valuable resource to our company and our customers in her new role as Project Manager at Giacalone Design.