Dave Crowfoot, Project Manager


Dave Crowfoot joined Giacalone Design Services, Inc. in 1998 , after having worked for PG&E for 17 years. Dave served as the Director of Engineering & Planning in PG&E’s San Jose office from 1993 until he joined the team at Giacalone Design Services, Inc 13 years ago. As Director at PG&E, he managed and directed departments with 130 engineers, estimators, project managers, mappers, and clerical employees. In addition to his PG&E experience, Dave has a Bachelor of Science degree from Iowa State University, is a registered Professional Electrical Engineer (P.E. #11965), and attained an MBA from St. Mary’s college in 1997. As a Project Manager at Giacalone Design Services for the past 13 years, Dave’s primary responsibilities include managing the Commercial, Multi-Family and Rule 20 divisions of the Company. Dave’s years of experience not only at PG&E but also here at Giacalone Design Services, Inc continue to serve as a valuable tool for our clients.