Arnold Saenz, Project Manager


Arnold Saenz joined the team at Giacalone Design in November of 2011 bringing with him over 10 years of experience in construction and civil engineering. He started as a drafter for Giacalone Design and eventually expanded his responsibilities in the drafting department by taking on the role of a trainer on our Drafter Training Team. As part of the Drafting Training Team, Arnold was instrumental in helping develop our current design standards that are used today. After exhibiting a capacity to learn quickly, problem solve efficiently and be able to multi task, Arnold was the first employee to be promoted into our newly formed Project Manager training program in 2013. Arnold worked alongside Paul Giacalone learning not only about the design process and the utility industry but also about managing people. Arnold quickly excelled through the Project Manager training program and was officially promoted to Project Manager in early 2015. His background in the Civil and construction industries brings a valuable perspective to the projects he manages.